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I want to work with performers who see their creative endeavors as their endgame. My classes are a place for building community, connecting to your inner artist, challenging yourself, embracing vulnerability, and above all, growth and development as a performer. I welcome anyone who's dedicated to showing up and doing the work.


A Michigan native, I moved to Los Angeles right out of college and spent the next 6 years hustling to pursue my dreams of being an actress. I had a degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts Performance and absolutely no clue where to start in the entertainment capital of the world. I was hungry and committed and LA was one of the most terrifying and best decisions I've ever made. 


In the past decade, I've studied in more than 10 different types of performance classes, worked with several different coaches, auditioned literally hundreds of times. I've worked on so many sets it makes me tear up with gratitude to write them all down! I've done theater, commercials, modeling, web-series, music videos, entertainment hosting, sketch comedy writing+performance, self-authored work showcases, passion projects and whatever other versions of performance I've been able to get my hands on over the years. In preparation for launching my Scene Study classes here in Los Angeles, I completed HB Studio's Uta Hagen Core Intensive Program in NYC. Much of my teaching draws on Uta Hagen's work.


The artist I've become is due to each of the opportunities I've taken to perform over the years. it's not magic or luck or manifesting that's made my successes happen. (Although, luck does help and manifesting is awesome!) If you want to book the gigs, you've got to do the work. Are you wondering where to start? Or maybe you just want to find an actors gym so you have a space to play regularly and flex those performance muscles? That's where I come in. 


As your coach, I will be a constant source of encouragement and your most honest and trusted accountability partner. I want to work with artists who view their creative endeavors as their endgame. --Artists who're seeking creative fulfillment by doing the work. Passionate professionals and hardworking wannabes alike are welcome. My classes don't have space for ego but they do have space for tenacity, authenticism, and vulnerability. We will all work to be the best we can be and we will all subscribe to the notion that there is enough space and opportunity in this industry for everyone who cares enough to show up and work. I will continue to grow, and seek, and learn as long as I'm here and my wish is to create that learning opportunity for fellow performers. I believe in actors and the love of this craft. Creative performance is my passion and I continue to dedicate my life to this venture because I truly believe in the value of art and performance. 

If you're waiting for permission to pursue your dreams, this is it. Let's work.